How color affects your mood

Feng shui, otherwise known as "wind and water", is an ancient Chinese practice that creates positive energy in your home and avoiding any negative vibes. According to these ancient beliefs, bad feng shui could attract diseases, a loss of money or even heart break. But there are certain colors with extremely positive effects that we will teach you to elevate the entire vibe of your home!

Below you will find a list of said colors and the part they play in the “enjoy and protect your vibe process”



Blue is a cold color, the color of calm and serenity, bliss flow and limitless possibilities, think of looking out over the ocean with nothing but blue in sight. Blue is also sedative which makes it a suitable choice for the bedroom and the bathroom since it is associated with hygiene and health and evokes the seaside (cleaniness)


Red is the quickest color read by our brain (think of the red cape and the bull), it stimulates our organs and is associated with strength, energy and fascination. This hot color gives your living room and dining room a perfect harmony that stimulates appetite and orientation (family gatherings).


The positive color of excellence; yellow is associated with power, self-esteem and communication. Pale yellow will be more cheerful and welcoming; ideal for family living rooms and also proper for your children’s homework desk. Yellow has the ability to increase the concentration and memory.


The Fresh color. The pure color. Green is associated with fertility and excellent anti-stress color. Green soothes everyday stress and tension and is an ideal color for the bathroom, veranda and forest frequently used for kitchens!


The fire of red and the calm of blue make this dual color a spiritual and meditational nucleus. Violet blends perfectly with wood for an adult’s bedroom and for any club/party room.


Pink the color of love and affection, pink invites itself harmoniously into the bedrooms especially the ones of young female toddlers.


Black is elegance, power, refinement and let’s be honest—Chanel, black is the unbeatable color of luxury. You can use it in moderation since black absorbs light and gives the impression that the room is smaller. As a complementary color, black creates stability and enhances the complimentary colors and objects of your decoration. Lets just be frank—black goes with everything!


White is the synthesis of all colors. The true beginning of new life. White symbolizes neutrality, innocence and purity and serves as the perfect accompaniment to highlight any color. JUST PLEASE DO NOT WEAR IT AFTER LABOR DAY!


Rich in shades, grey is the forgotten subtlety that will always add an elegant touch to your house.


So after all of these tips we challenge you to change it up! What better way than with quarantine and COVID-19. Lets change the energy of our world! One color at a time, one room at a time, one house at time.