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At Afriwellness we believe health and happiness should be effortless. Our aim is to give you simple and effective solutions to maintain a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. We take pride in harnessing the power of Africa and believe everyone should have access to the amazing healing properties found in Rooibos. 

Native to the Cederberg Mountain Range in South Africa; our carefully selected Rooibos tea leaves contain vital minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and alpha hydroxyl acid.

The combination of these ingredients pave the way for this perfect nutritional water enhancer.

Hello gorgeous,

Welcome to Afriwellness !I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa and it has always been my hearts desire to use my talents and skills to share the magic of my birth place with as many people as I can. My dream is simply to share the beauty of what it means to be South African with the rest of the world.

To build a brand that expresses the authenticity and diversity of our mother land would be something ground breaking and worth global recognition.

I hope that through our product line we will be the catalyst that allows every foreigner to experience and enjoy a small piece of South Africa.

With Love,

Saskia Tihana Clements

CEO & Founder





Bone Health

Caffeine Free

Controls & Prevents Diabetes

Heart Health

Streamlines Digestion

Youthful Skin


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